Our staff is what makes our store successful. We value each staff member and their contribution to our appliance center. Seen below are our sales staff.

Headshot.Ken1Kenny, owner of H&H, is the son of founders Gert and Harry Horowitz and has been with H&H since he was sixteen years old. When he isn’t in the store, you may see Ken checking out the newest vegan restaurant or riding in his vintage 1934 International pick-up.

vince2Vince has worked for H&H since he was 27 and has served multiple roles within the company, from delivery to senior management. He now serves as “the strict decision maker,” working directly with Kenny to provide you with the best local sales experience possible.


Dominic has been with H&H for quite a long time and it shows through his sales experience. It’s always easy to find Dom around the showroom because he has an exceptionally loud and distinct voice. Dom’s known as the joker, with his goofy faces and unique way of getting Irv’s attention.

Headshot.Jim1Jim is a reserved guy, and although quiet, he’s sure to provide our customers with the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. He typically drinks decaffeinated coffee and is always a help around the office. When he’s not at work, you can find Jim working towards his fitness goals.


Ed has worked in the industry for over 30 years, first repairing appliances for Amana, Ed’s favorite item to sell is a range, and he doesn’t like cucumbers or mayonnaise. On a day off, you may find Ed jetskiing with Donnie down the shore.

Headshots.Irv1Irv has been selling appliances for 22 years. Irv is an “easy guy to meet” who will pretty much eat anything – but also can tell you anything you need to know about appliances. When Irv’s not in the office, he is spending time with his lovely wife of 50 years.


headshotsdon1Donnie has been in the New Jersey appliance industry since 1972. Chances are if Donnie sells you an appliance, he will be holding a yardstick. He seems to do that a lot. In the summer check the shore – you may find Donnie riding one of his jet-skis on his day off.


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