Cool Treats to Beat the Heat

In the thick of summer, we’re completely obsessed with anything that keeps us nice and cool. There’s truly nothing sweeter than a delicious frozen treat on a hot day, and the possibilities go way beyond popsicles (although we’ve included those, too). Welcome the chilly vibes under the sun with these drinks and desserts guaranteed to give you the best kind of brain freeze!


A Tropical Delight

Spruce up your happy hour with a little Mexican flavor. These Frozen Coconut Pineapple Margaritas are tangy and sweet, and easy to make — not to mention the beachy sensation they bring! Grab your blender and get ready for a tropical delight in the comfort of your own home. Pro tip: Tastes best when consumed with your feet up.

With the simple ingredients of pina colada mixer, tequila, pineapple juice, lime, ice, salt (and lime and pineapple wedges for a chic optional garnish), you’ll be sipping the sunshine in no time. Find the directions here!

Milkshake with a Buzz

Caffeine lovers, this one’s for you! Who else thinks that the deliciously earthy aroma of
coffee and the sugary goodness of ice cream make the absolute most perfect pair?! These Coffee Milkshakes are a dream, and our only complaint is that we didn’t make them sooner… Want to add a little flair? We say pair with some Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies — eaten alongside your shake, or crumbled up in the middle!

All you need for this decadent treat is chilled coffee, cold milk, and coffee ice cream of your choice. Pro tip: blend to velvety perfection with a Wolf High Performance Blender! Check out the full directions here.

The Coolest Treat

Cucumbers are one of those tasty superfoods that we can’t get enough of. Whether eaten as a snack or used to spruce up water, cukes load us up with nutritious vitamins and keep us eating our veggies. Why not stay cool as a cucumber this summer? Paired with juicy honeydew, these Cucumber Melon Popsicles are subtle, sweet, and oh so delicious. Nothing could possibly taste more leisurely or relaxing. Bring on the calming aura with these chic treats.

The ingredients for these delightful popsicles include a honeydew melon, 5 inches of a peeled cucumber, water, and sugar. Find the directions here.

Mini Cups of Heaven

We couldn’t end our list without some pie. Pick up these little pies like a cupcake and enjoy the deliciousness wherever — we love anything on the go! Frozen Key Lime Pies are the perfect mini treat to start or end a meal, or just to eat by themselves. This is the sweetest snack we’ve ever had!

For these mini desserts, you’ll need lime juice, condensed milk, whipped topping, cream cheese, unsalted butter, and graham crackers. Yum! Here are the full directions.

For the rest of the summer, be sure to enjoy the heat but remember to stay cool! These delicious treats will keep you chilly and relaxed all day long. Happy summer!


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