The Best-Kept Secret in Kitchen Design


From millennials to urban dwellers to empty nesters, there is a growing trend toward rethinking home design. With “less is more” as a mantra, people everywhere are embracing a shift toward minimizing the space taken up by “things” to make more room for “life.” One of the most exciting and effective places we’re seeing this trend is in the kitchen. 

Made to Fit

For the waves of downsizing homebuyers and urban homemakers, keeping the traditions of the kitchen alive within limited space can be difficult. Large appliances dominate the floorplan, leaving little room to spare. Creating more space without sacrificing the appliances needed to make a kitchen complete can seem impossible — especially when shopping familiar appliance brands.

This is where Bosch shines: their 24” Benchmark Series appliances fit snuggly into the tightest of spaces without sacrificing beauty or functionality. Bosch lets you keep the appliances you need, while supporting the contemporary movement toward open kitchens with space for life and entertaining.

According to the Bosch Design Team, “Good design should help create a sense of space, not just occupy it. In rooms like the kitchen, appliances are the focal point, so it’s essential that they seamlessly integrate into the space.” Demonstrating the incredible versatility of their appliances, Bosch fits seven home appliances into one tiny kitchen in this quick video!

Expert Engineering: Attention to Detail

Don’t let the size scare you; Bosch appliances are distinctly known for their top-of-the-line quality and reliability. With over 130 years of German engineering expertise, you can trust your Bosch appliances will be running efficiently for years to come. Also known for their unique innovations, Bosch appliances have special features you won’t find elsewhere.

VitaFresh refrigerator drawer technology greatly reduces the amount food that goes to waste. This innovative feature automatically maintains optimal temperatures and humidity levels, keeping your fruits and veggies fresher, longer. Another Bosch advance is the noise reduction technology in their Benchmark dishwashers. Incorporating 18 unique sound-reducing technologies at every angle of the machine, it’s the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S. This is a huge benefit to our friends in urban environments, where sounds often leak from the kitchen area. Another amazing innovation is their 24-inch washer and dryer set, offering the fastest wash and dry cycle around — a total of only 30 minutes — for a load equivalent of up to 18 towels. With features like these, Bosch is definitely one of the appliance world’s best-kept secrets.

The Human Tradition

As Bosch’s brand manager Micaela Shaw says, “New Bosch appliances consider aging eyes, young hands, and middle-aged backs.” These appliances are designed with real people in mind, an aspect made clear in the detail of their machines. One of the most notable features is the side-swing oven door, relieving the need to bend over a hot oven door when placing or removing heavy dishes of food. Another is featured in the Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher series. The machine has an “info light” that shines on to the floor of your kitchen, letting you know when it’s running (you may not notice it’s on, given its near-silent performance) and then counting down the time left on the wash cycle.  In addition, all of Bosch’s control panels feature larger letters and numbers, making it easy to read and understand.

Bosch’s commitment to keeping contemporary kitchen traditions is best demonstrated through innovative features in their Benchmark series. For large meals like Thanksgiving, their FlexInduction technology combines two cooking zones into one large heating area, providing space and mobility for multiple pots of different sizes and open cooktop movement. Bosch also keeps kitchen traditions alive with two Star-K features found in their Benchmark series. To meet the needs of kosher traditions, the oven offers a delayed start and a Sabbath holiday setting, each with their own respective temperatures. With Bosch, your commitment to keeping the customs of the kitchen is supported with the best in contemporary technology.

Without sacrificing style or functionality, owners now have the ability to get creative with the space once occupied by bulky appliances. Less space occupied by appliances means more room for life. With Bosch, it’s finally possible to have a flourishing kitchen, with room to spare.

If you’re ready to take back your kitchen, consider Bosch. Their variety of products will appeal to the taste and budget of nearly any customer. Check out their line of appliances and more on our website.


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