Simple Techniques to Help Reclaim Your Kitchen


Your kitchen — it’s where your family gathers after a long day of work and school to be together, share a meal. Your kitchen is the warmest (and not to mention most delicious!) part of your home, where you cook your favorite foods for you and your family — sometimes even together. The kitchen — it’s definitely our favorite room in the house!

But today, with fast food, processed, and pre-made food, we spend less and less time cooking hearty, delicious meals in the kitchen. Your stove and oven collect cobwebs, while your microwave is the number one go-to for being fast and efficient. But all this efficiency is making the kitchen lose its true purpose — to cook healthy, full meals, for families to sit down and eat together.

It’s time to reclaim your kitchen, and Wolf has the perfect techniques, tools, and essential ingredients to help you get your kitchen back with their Reclaim the Kitchen Kit — just in time for the holidays!

Needed Techniques

So, you’re ready to reclaim your kitchen? Wonderful! The first step is learning some simple kitchen techniques to help elevate your meals and turn you into the pro chef you’ve always wanted to be.

With Wolf’s Reclaim the Kitchen Kit, techniques including how to properly use a knife, the best way to roast and grill, and even food safety tips are featured — everything you need to start getting your kitchen back to what it was intended for. With these techniques, you’ll be able to cook all your favorite meals like a kitchen master — and even let your family help out with these techniques (of course, don’t let the little ones handle knives — leave the cutting to the grown-ups!)

For all the techniques Wolf has to offer — including videos and printable instructions — click here!

Essential Ingredients

Wolf’s Reclaim the Kitchen Kit includes a list of essential ingredients you’ll need in order to make top-notch meals. These ingredients are the ones you should always keep in your refrigerator, ingredients to always keep stocked in your pantry, and spices you should always keep on hand.

Wolf suggests always keeping some milk, carrots, and both salted and unsalted butter in your refrigerator at all times — because you never know when you’ll need them! For your pantry, some suggested ingredients include baking soda, vegetable oil, and brown sugar. And last but not least, Wolf suggests always keeping your pantry stocked with cinnamon, basil, and garlic powder. These are just a few of the ingredients that Wolf suggests for keeping your kitchen stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

For the full printable list of ingredients, click here. Print this list out and keep it in your kitchen — the checkboxes will help you figure out what you already have, and what you still need to purchase.

Basic Tools

In order to cook the recipes you love the right way, you’ll of course need the right tools — and Wolf has you covered. In Wolf’s Reclaim the Kitchen Kit, a complete list of the basic tools you’ll need in order to reclaim your kitchen is available — tools that help out with measuring, cutting, and even baking.

For some of the essential measuring tools, Wolf suggests keeping different sets of measuring spoons to handle wet and dry ingredients, and choosing metal measuring cups over plastic. For cutting tools, Wolf suggests kitchen shears — a perfectly easy way to finely cut your favorite herbs, and four basic knives: chef’s knife, boning/filet, paring, and serrated bread knife. They even offer videos on chopping, slicing, and dicing to help you sharpen your knife game. And you can’t forget a sheet pan and parchment paper for baking and beyond!

For the full printable list of tools, click here. Print the list out and go through your kitchen to make sure you have each of these tools, and get ready to reclaim your kitchen.

Start Cooking!

Inspired to get cooking? Wolf has some delicious recipes to get you started. These meals are easy to make, but incredibly delightful! These recipes are perfect for lunch and dinner — and don’t worry, there are even dessert recipes!

The roasted chicken is a pure classic and perfect for a dinner during the week, or for one of your upcoming holiday feasts. The Napa Cabbage Salad is ideal for lunch or a light dinner side — mouth-watering, and healthy too! And for dessert — Apple Tarte Tatin — simple perfection for your holiday dessert menu.

For even more delightful recipes that Wolf has to offer, click here. There are so many to try — you’ll never want to eat out or buy processed food again!

It’s time to get your kitchen back — and with Wolf’s Reclaim the Kitchen Kit, it’s simpler than ever to start cooking again. It’s important to make time for cooking family meals — even if you only have the time to sit down for one each week, then go for it! And get your entire family involved in cooking too — it’s the perfect way to bring everybody together after a stressful day or long week. One meal together is better than none — and a meal cooked with your loved ones makes everything more delicious.

Now go forth and reclaim your kitchen with Wolf!

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