Drinks to Mix Up This Fall


Autumn brings so many delicious fruits, perfect to bake in your favorite fall treats. Apples, cranberries, pears, pumpkins — we love them all! But besides baking them into your favorite pies, cakes, and cookies, what else can you do with these delicious flavors? Mix them up in some delicious seasonal drinks! These simple recipes are a must-try this fall — and feature all of these delicious fruits in season!

Apple Cider Mimosas

Mimosas — a simple, classic cocktail that can be enjoyed any season, any time! But what type of mimosa is perfect for the fall? An apple one, of course — and even better, an apple cider mimosa! This is the perfect fall twist on the classic mimosa, and you can mix it up right now to enjoy during the season!

This Apple Cider Mimosa is easy to make, and serves up to four! What will you need to make this tasty drink? There are only four ingredients needed for absolutely de-lish results! You’ll need some apple cider, champagne or sparkling wine, ground cinnamon, and some sugar! Serve this drink up for a special evening with friends, a seasonal brunch, or an upcoming holiday party! (Thanksgiving is right around the corner!)

Get the full recipe here and mix up a delicious drink you won’t want to miss this season!

Cranberry Sauce Margaritas

You can never go wrong with a margarita — but what if you get a little saucy and give it a fun fall twist? This cranberry sauce margarita will impress your friends and please your palate with the delicious taste of the upcoming holidays, and a perfect blend of sweet and tart. With this very cranberry twist, you know you’re in for a treat

This recipe is easy to make in your cocktail shaker.  And what will you need for this fall-inspired drink? Most importantly, cranberries and cranberry sauce, a bit of honey, brown sugar, your favorite brand of tequila, a lime, and ice. Shake it up at your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday party with this delicious fall drink!

Follow the full recipe here for a drink that will give you that splash of fall and fun you’re looking for.

Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail

Vanilla, pear, and vodka — oh my! All these ingredients sure do sound like they would make a delicious drink, and guess what? They do! This Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail should be at the top of your list of drinks to try this season! This recipe serves up four of these yummy drinks. What does this sweetly sophisticated drink require? You’ll need pear juice, vanilla bean, vodka, vanilla sugar, and some ice! This drink is perfect for celebrating the delicious taste of pear with a dash of vanilla!

Follow the full recipe here for a fabulous drink that will definitely be the highlight of the season!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Milkshake

We had to throw a pumpkin drink into the mix — a pumpkin spice latte milkshake! This one doesn’t have any alcohol — so it’s a fun and delicious drink for all ages! A great new take on the pumpkin spice latte, in the form of a delicious cold treat! (And still perfect for the fall season — milkshakes are good all year-round, right?)

This sweet and cold recipe makes one full milkshake. Some ingredients you’ll need to make this treat are pumpkin spice, pumpkin puree, milk, vanilla extract, coffee ice cream, some caramel sauce and whipped cream for topping your drink off, and a cinnamon stick to garnish it! If you love a good PSL (pumpkin spiced latte), you’ll absolutely fall in love with this delicious twist for dessert!

Follow the full recipe here for a cold treat that’s perfect for the season!

These drinks each have their own splash of fall flair. Apples, cranberries, pears, and even pumpkin — who doesn’t love the flavors of the season? These drinks will be sure to give you a delicious taste of the fall throughout the upcoming month — and of course, these drinks are best when shared with friends and loved ones.

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