Halloween Party Tricks and Treats


The scariest day of the year is coming, which means it’s time to start planning the ultimate Halloween bash! And what’s the best part about Halloween parties? The deliciously spooky food, of course! It’s time to break out the creepiest recipes that are sure to give your big and little guests the best treat of their lives.

Hot Pepper Mummies

Start your party off with a hot and spooky treat — hot pepper mummies! These mini appetizers are sure to please the most adventurous mummies and daddies who like to try new delicious and creepy things. Guests with a taste for spicy snacks will go bats over this appetizer that can be prepared in a total time of 40 minutes. What will you need in order to create this ghoulish appetizer? Some ingredients these little mummies include are cream cheese, hot sauce, roasted pepper, and crescent roll dough!

These little mummies cook perfectly in a GE Free-Standing Gas Range! Follow the full recipe here for a Halloween treat that can’t be beat! Keep these delicious spicy treats in the center of your party space on your creepiest plate to really set the mood.

Pretzel Broomsticks

Witches, unite! Get ready for an appetizer that will have you dropping your broomsticks! These pretzel broomstick bites are the perfect appetizer for any Halloween bash — especially ones filled with lots of little ones flying around! These mini broomsticks feature pretzel rods as the broom handle, and shredded dough as the broom bristles, are perfect for dipping into nacho cheese sauce or even sour cream! This recipe can be made up to three days ahead of time if stored in a tightly closed container and only requires two ingredients: pretzel rods and shredded phyllo dough — simple, yet eerily tasty

Follow the full recipe here for a Halloween treat, perfect for creating in your bubbling cauldron with your little witches! Bake these treats to perfection in the GE Free-Standing Gas Range! Serve these adorable little brooms in a cauldron of your own and become the coolest witch in town!

Jack-O’-Lantern Cheeseburger Pie

Now, for the main dish that will have te big specters at your party talking until next Halloween — Jack-O’-Lantern Cheeseburger Pie! This adorable grinning pie looks just like a Jack-O’-Lantern, except this is one you’ll want to dig your fork into! This recipe only requires a total amount of 30 minutes of baking, and the results are totally spooky — and worth the delicious taste! Some ingredients you’ll need to cook up this smiling pumpkin include ground beef, onions, cloves, and your favorite shredded cheese! For a vegan alternative, skip the meat and ll this pumpkin up with your favorite veggie ground beef!

Follow the full recipe for a delicious main dish that will make your Halloween party stand out among the graveyard. Bake this smiling little pumpkin in a GE Free-Standing Gas Range for the best results — and the biggest smiles on your guests’ faces! And if you’re not ready to party yet, keep it fresh in an LG Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator!

Ghost Pizza Bagels

This main dish is so perfect for the kiddos that it’s spooky— ghost pizza bagels! Pizza bagels with little mozzarella ghosts on top make the perfect dinner treat for all the little ghouls at your party. This delicious favorite only takes 10 minutes to bake, so be sure to bake a lot, because there’s no doubt kids will be going for seconds! And what will you need to create these cute but scary little pizzas? Yu’ll need mozzarella, mini bagels, and marinara sauce! See, not so scary!

Follow the full recipe for a delicious main dish that will delight the little ones at your Halloween bash! They’ll boo with delight once they taste this scrumptious meal!

Mummy Cake

Dessert — a party is not truly over until everybody’s sweet tooth is satisfied! This mummy cake will delight every parent at your party! Vanilla cake with a chocolate ganache icing with little mummy tombs sprinkled on top make for the most deliciously terrifying meal! This mummy cake takes about 2 hours to fully make, with only 20 minutes of cook time! And what spookily delicious ingredients will you need to make this recipe come alive? You’ll need some flour, sugar, milk, chocolate chips, and butter!

Follow the full recipe here and serve on your most terrifying plate to keep the little ones away! Every mummy and daddy will go bats for this cake!

Devil Cupcakes

Now, you just need a sweet ending to the little ones’ Halloween feast — and these devil cupcakes are the perfect treat to end the most memorable of parties! Topped with red icing and little horns, these treats are sure to be one of the main talking points of yourHalloween party amongst the younger crowd. These cupcakes only require about 20- 25 minutes of baking time, so you can make a ton of batches beforehand! Some ingredients you’ll need to whip up this wicked delight are milk, sugar, butter, and cocoa powder!

Follow the full recipe here for a sweet yet evil treat — the perfect ending to a spooky night!

Make your Halloween party the terrifying talk of the year with these delicious and sweet recipes that are better any just any old trick — and perfect for guests of all ages! So go start cooking and get ready to celebrate the scariest, and most delicious, night of the year with your closest ghouls and goblins!

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