The Best Produce to Buy During the Fall


It’s finally that time of year — fall! The time for juicy corn and sweet watermelon is over, but that doesn’t mean that fall doesn’t bring delicious produce that you’ll enjoy just as much. The fall season welcomes red delicious apples, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes! Buy the following produce before the end of the season, and be sure to try out the following delicious recipes!

Butternut Squash

Squash, especially butternut squash, is a fall favorite — and it can be used in all different kinds of delicious recipes! Butternut squash is in its harvest season during the fall and when cooked has a sweet yet subtle taste, the perfect complement to any meal. Pick up a butternut squash to accompany the perfect fall dinner! The key to picking the perfect butternut squash is making sure the squash is free of any blemishes and is firm. When you have your perfect butternut squash picked out, store it in a cool spot, away from sunlight.

And when it comes to baking — what can you create with your squash? This candied roasted squash recipe is perfect for the fall. Some ingredients you’ll need for this recipe include, of course, butternut squash, brown sugar, pepper, and some melted butter! Bake to perfection in the built-in convection oven of the GE Range! Follow the full recipe here for a delicious fall dish.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are at their peak in the fall and can be used in a variety of delicious fall recipes! Sweet potatoes are versatile and can be baked and boiled and also contain vitamin A and C! When choosing your sweet potato, be sure to check and make sure that the skin is firm and that the potato has a deep, rich color. For storing sweet potatoes, just like butternut squash, keep in a cool place to maintain peak freshness.

Now it’s time for the fun part — what recipes can you make with sweet potatoes that are ideal for fall? Warm yourself up on cold fall evenings with this sweet potato soup! Some ingredients you’ll need to make this hearty soup include sweet potatoes, fresh celery, carrots, and onions! To make a delicious hot meal that’s perfect for the entire family, follow the full recipe here. Making soups is even easier when cooking on a GE Range!

Red Delicious Apples

Apples are the perfect fruit to enjoy from mid-summer through late October, and when it comes to red delicious apples the name doesn’t lie — they are delicious! Red delicious apples are usually harvested later in the apple season, which makes them ideal for the fall season. Whether out apple picking in an orchard or at your grocery store, here’s what to look for: make sure your apples are a full red color and of course, look out for any blemishes and bruises. For storage, unlike sweet potatoes and butternut squash, red delicious apples should be stored in your refrigerator’s crisper, and the LG French Door Refrigerator can store as many apples as you want with its four-compartment crisper! This will keep your apples fresher for a longer period of time.

What can you make with red delicious apples? A healthy fall meal you can make for your family is autumn apple salad! For this sweet treat, perfect on its own or as a complement to a fall meal, you’ll need red delicious applesgranny smith apples, some carrots, pecans, and lemon juice! This nutritious meal is sure to please the entire family (and get your little ones to eat their fruits and vegetables)!


You didn’t think we’d leave out pumpkin, did you? How could we! Pumpkin is the poster child for fall produce — as soon as summer comes close to an end, those sweet orange fruits are popping up everywhere! When ready to pick a pumpkin, you should look for one that is completely orange all over, which indicates it’s ready and ripe! Also, check to make sure the skin is hard and firm, which is another indication of a ripe pumpkin. For the best way to store pumpkins, a cool place away from sunlight is ideal to make sure your pumpkin is kept nice and fresh for cooking.

For a recipe involving pumpkin, we’re going to throw in a fall favorite — pumpkin pie! To make this well-loved dessert, some of the ingredients you’ll need are, of course, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and some nutmeg! This dessert is perfect for any fall holiday, or as a surprise treat for your family during the week. Follow the full recipe here to create the perfect pumpkin pie for the fall. Baking this delicious pie couldn’t be any easier with the built-in convection oven of the GE Range!

So what are you waiting for? Whip up some fall favorites this week. If you’re looking for the best local farmers’ markets to get your hands on these delicious fall veggies and fruits our recommendations include Lee Turkey Farm and Corner Copia!

If you’re looking to spend a Saturday picking delicious, fresh apples, then Lee Turkey Farm is the place for you! Lee Turkey Farm is located in East Windsor, NJ, and as apples are now in season, it’s the perfect time to visit! Corner Copia additionally offers the best of the best locally grown produce, so if you’re looking for the freshest, now you know where to go! Corner Copia is located in Hightstown, NJ right past East Windsor. Help support local farmers, get your hands on delicious produce, and spend the day in nature with your little ones, all at the same time!

Right now is the perfect time to buy delicious fall produce! Add a taste of fall to your meals this season — and create delicious meals and treats that are worth much more than any old trick! Enjoy!

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