Easy One-Pot Weekday Meals


With busy school and work schedules, there’s barely any time to get things done during the week, let alone cook healthy and delicious meals every evening. Who has the time or energy to cook a full meal on a Monday night and then clean up the aftermath of dirty pots and dishes? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cook a delicious, healthy meal every night and only use a single pot? Fear not — it is possible! These easy one-pot recipes will make upcoming weekday nights the best and most delicious you’ve ever had!

Chili Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese, combined with chili? You can’t get any more delicious than that! After work or school, having a delicious, steaming bowl of mac and cheese with chili goodness can make any long day seem worth it. Enjoy any day of the week by making this delicious meal in a single pot! It only takes 30 minutes to create this comfort meal with a twist.  This meal features warm elbow macaroni, steaming pasta sauce, and shredded cheese, mixed together with chili beans, diced tomatoes, and more! Get the full recipe here!

Cheeseburger Pasta

One of the best things is when two delicious foods are combined into a single dish, and even made in the same pot together! Cheeseburgers, an American favorite, meet savory pasta in this delicious cheeseburger pasta recipe. This recipe is especially perfect for cooking dinner for the kids after school — there’s no doubt your kids will love this recipe! And if you have extra hungry children, this meal only takes 20 minutes to make, so whipping up another batch is no problem. Getyour pot out and mix up some ground beef, macaroni, and melt your favorite cheese for this delicious one-pot meal! Get the full recipe here!

Pizza Rigatoni

Two Italian favorites, pizza and pasta, come together in this delicious pizza rigatoni recipe! This recipe is perfect for the busy pizza lover who needs their dose of Italian cuisine mid-week. And for busy moms, this is another meal that’s sure to become a house favorite! If you’re limited on time during the evening fear not — this meal can be fully made in only 30 minutes! Get out your favorite pasta sauce and pasta, and add all of your favorite pizza fixings, including pepperoni, and get ready for some Italian goodness! Get the full recipe here!

Vegetarian Black-Bean Chili

It’s almost fall, and what’s one of the most amazing comfort foods to enjoy as the cooler weather approaches? Chili! This veggie-packed black-bean chili is meat-free and perfect for the entire family on a cool fall evening during the week. This delicious favorite only takes 30 minutes to fully make in your trusty pot. This recipe includes carrots and onions, zucchini, crushed tomatoes, and of course, black beans! This meal is sure to warm you up for the approaching fall weather and will become your family’s new go-to favorite fall meal. Get the full recipe here!

Broccoli Casserole

Finally, round out your week of one-pot meals with this cheesy broccoli casserole that will have your kids asking for seconds! This meal is ideal for moms who have a hard time getting their children to eat their veggies. Broccoli covered in gooey cheese? Yes, please! This delicious meal takes 40 minutes to prepare, and it only uses a single pot! Some ingredients you’ll need to make this delicious meal that’s sure to please the kids include broccoli, some of your favorite cheddar cheese, and even some delicious, savory chicken broth! These ingredients, and more, mixed together in your trusty pot will create a delicious and healthy meal! Get the full recipe here!

These meals will give you something to look forward to during your most hectic weekdays and will help keep your evenings relaxing and delicious! Make them all in one week, or try a new meal once every week — and enjoy some amazing meals as the season turns to fall. Easy to cook, these recipes finish perfectly on a Wolf Gas Cooktop. Sure to please and with cleanup a breeze — these meals are sure to change how you view weeknight mealtime!

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