DIY Delightful Picnics


Picnics are what make the summer delicious. Nothing is better than lounging outside underneath the sun with your favorite people and favorite foods. Picnics aren’t limited to red-checkered blankets and wicker baskets filled to the brim with store-bought goods. Add some fun and flavor to your picnics with these DIY picnic ideas!

Tropical Picnic

Not everyone can escape to the islands during the summer. But what if you brought the sunny tropics to you? You can turn your favorite picnic spot into an amazing getaway in only a few simple steps. Bring the most tropical (or brightly colored) blanket you have to your favorite picnic spot and spread it out under the sun. Get dressed up in some leis, put flowers in your hair, wear a floral shirt, and lounge on your blanket like you’re right on the white sandy beaches during the peak of summer. For the menu, include as many fresh fruits as possible – mangoes, pineapples, and bananas. Eat them raw, juice them, or cut them up and make a colorful fruit salad. Remember, the more brightly colored flowers and fresh fruits at your picnic, the better. Play some island jams, and shut your eyes. Can you hear the ocean? Ah, vacation, without the jet lag!

Breakfast Picnic

Who said that picnics are only for lunch and dinner? Slip out of bed and head to your favorite picnic spot in your slippers and pjs and enjoy a picnic of your favorite breakfast foods. Bring your coziest blankets and pillows to create an outdoor bed. Some all-time favorite breakfast foods to include are pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, and toast. If you’re feeling adventurous, put a fun twist on classic pancakes with this delicious Oreo pancake recipe. Go ahead and throw some delicious donuts in there too.

French Picnic

Paris doesn’t have to be far away. You can enjoy the delectable tastes of Parisian food whenever, wherever, even at a picnic in your hometown. Bake your own croissants and baguettes, and create your own sweet crepes with ohh la la – cherry, chocolate, or strawberry filling. Pack your meal in your fanciest basket and lay everything out on your most sophisticated blanket at your favorite picnic spot. A side of cheese and grapes will complete your meal, and to top it off open up your favorite bottle of wine, it’s never been easier to imagine you’re sitting underneath the Eiffel Tower.

Movie Picnic

What could be better than having a picnic under the stars while watching your favorite movie? For this night out at the movies inspired picnic, grab your plushest blanket to mimic the seats of a theater, microwave your popcorn, grab your soda and sweets, and head out under the stars to watch your favorite movie. Whether the movie is shown on a projector, laptop, or tablet, this picnic is sure to get your friends and family together for a movie experience that doesn’t have to be in a dark theater. Spice up your movie picnic and make it better than anything offered in theaters with this buffalo wing popcorn recipe!

Camping Picnic

Whether you love camping in the great outdoors or prefer to stick to the safety of your own backyard, a camping-themed picnic will add adventure to your summer. Pitch a tent and grab your camping chairs for a meal out under the summer sky. Food inspiration for this picnic includes classic graham cracker, marshmallow, and melted chocolate s’mores, trail mix, burgers, and hot dogs. Want to make your meal even better? Turn a favorite summertime food into something even better with this bacon wrapped hot dog recipe. This picnic will have your little ones gathering around your picnic basket for a memorable summer meal.

Summer is what you make of it, and picnics are the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors with your favorite people and the most delicious food. Come winter, the memories of picnicking will keep you warm. Feel free to get even more creative and wild with these picnic ideas. Make them your own! Now, to decide which you’ll try first!

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