Summer Grill Guide

Memorial Day picnic

Memorial Day marks the start of summer and endless sunshine. There’s no better way to celebrate such a time, than by cranking up the grill and serving up simple, delicious food. Whether you’re having a few friends over or anchoring a neighborhood-wide Memorial Day BBQ, use these tips as an inspiration to keep everyone full and happily anticipating the glorious start of the summer months.

Grilling Tips

Before you start cranking out food, use these tips to better prepare your grill for use. If you’re having a party, you want to be sure you’ll have enough gas to last. Check your propane level with water by pouring hot water down the side of your tank. It will feel cold where there’s propane, and warm where it is empty. Another way to check the amount of propane in your tank is by guessing its’ weight. A full tank will be approximately 38 pounds, while an empty tank is approximately 18 pounds. For those sporting a charcoal grill, split your grill into two zones with a hotter and cooler side. After searing meat you can move it to the cooler side to rest or finish cooking without the risks of overcooking or burning.

For all grills, cook hearty proteins like patties and pork over direct heat and robust vegetables like onions or eggplant right over the flame. Save more delicate fish, scallions, and asparagus for the edges of your grill to prevent burning and overcooking. Likewise, make it pretty. Only flip food once to achieve coveted grill marks, and rotate 90 degrees to get the signature crosshatch. Want one more easy pro tip for serving guests? Use a muffin tin to hold condiments.


The perfect start to any meal is delectable grilled vegetables. Feature grilled veggies as an accompanying side to the main courses of burger or fish, and be sure to make extra for the herbivores in your life.

We love this dish featuring grilled summer squash with blue cheese and pecans. Beautifully, bright grilled summer squash paired with roasted pecans and finished with lemon zest, honey, thyme, and blue cheese — this is sure to be a dish that will remain in your répertoire for years. Save some extra blue cheese to top burgers or add to a grilled potato salad with grilled onions and bacon. Or surprise guests with satisfying, grilled unripe green tomatoes paired with burrata, jalapeño, and cilantro. Bright and spicy, this side is sure to be a dish that won’t go unnoticed by guests. If you’re craving even more spice, serve your guests grilled jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese, and for your meat lovers wrapped in bacon. For simple vegetables sure to stun guests, create vegetable kabobs on rosemary stems — flavorful, beautiful, and delicious.

Burgers and Dogs

For big parties, keep it simple with burgers and hot dogs. The first step to awesome burgers and dogs it to crisp your buns with butter right on the grill for another level of texture. If you’re already putting a dimple in your burger to keep it from rising while it cooks, take it a step further by placing ice chips or butter in the indentation to keep your burgers extra juicy. While regular dogs are delish, it’s super simple to dress up this summer classic. Amplify a regular hot dog by topping with zesty lime-charred corn, mixed with salty Cotija cheese and bright scallions. Char your dogs, corn, and scallion right on the grill for best results.


If you’re preparing fish there are a few simple tips to keep fish moist and flavorful. To keep delicate fish from sticking to the grill, grill right on top of sliced citrus — it will keep your fish intact and infused with flavor. Likewise, brine fish in a mix of one tablespoon of salt per four cups of water for ten minutes to keep fish from falling apart when it hits the grill. Or to keep fish intact and impart delicious flavor, try wrapping delicate fish in briny grape leaves, freshly soaked in garlic and lemon. Or go New England classic and prepare whole lobsters right on the grill — nothing is more simple and exquisite when paired with flavorful butter.

For an all-American dessert with a twist, serve honey-grilled watermelon and pineapple alongside ice cream for those with an extra sweet tooth. Nothing beats a party celebrating the start of summer—especially one filled with endless grilled and flavorful food. All these delicious grilled recipes would not be possible without an easy-to-use grill like the Weber Natural Gas Grill.  With a warming rack area, two stainless fold-down tables and a simple to use control panel — the natural gas grill is the ultimate tool for achieving a perfect Memorial Day.

H&H Appliance Center offers endless options to not only build out your dream kitchen, but also has the latest appliances for throwing delicious BBQs for years to come. Visit us at our showroom today to speak to an expert!


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