Laundry Hacks — Tips and Tricks for the Most Efficient Clean


We get it — laundry is a huge hassle! In fact, one in four Americans would prefer doing their taxes over laundry.  We’re here to help — these laundry tips will streamline your chore load and give you more time to watch Game of Thrones. Fast, fresh laundry and more time for torture scenes? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Pick a Laundry Day

You know when Ma from the Little House on the Prairie picks a specific day to tackle the begrudging chores of life before modern convenience? It’s because it’s more
time efficient. Picking a day of the week to do laundry will bundle your time — and conveniently your favorite shirt won’t be at the bottom of the hamper when the weekend hits. However, for those with large families, incorporating one load of laundry into your daily routine can make the chore much less overwhelming.

Get Organized

Make your laundry woes that much easier to bear by organizing your laundry room. Install a shower rod or clothes rack to easily hang clothes that need to air-dry or be ironed right out of the washer. Laundry time is also a great way to organize your life — use the chore as an opportunity to listen to your favorite podcast, audiobook, or learn a new language.

Preserve Your Clothes

The cost of clothes adds up. With even the most basic bras going for $50 a pop, it’s smart to take measures to preserve the quality of your clothing. You can protect hosiery, bras, camis, slips, bustiers, and lingerie by washing them in zippered mesh bags. Air-dry and voila! Similarly, use individual mesh bags for each of your family member’s socks to prevent lost time sorting, matching, and lamenting over missing pairs. Swimsuits can be equally as taxing —rinse them when you get home to remove chlorine or salt water, which can cause fading and damage elasticity. Launder and then air-dry.

Wash like-weight clothes together — sheets and t-shirts, towels and denim. It’s all about drying times and not keeping clothes in the dryer for longer than they need to be, which can damage the fibers and lead to shrinkage. As most jeans are top dyed, another good tip is to wash them inside out to preserve their color. Eliminate armpit stains by applying a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda and then wash normally after letting sit for an hour.

Utilize the Forgotten Advice of Our Ancestors

It might sound strange, but vinegar can help brighten the color of your clothes and remove the smell of mildew. Put a capful in with your detergent and relish in the glory of wisdom passed down for generations. Likewise, soften your water to make it easier for detergent to clean your clothes — the magnesium and calcium in hard water make it more difficult to lather.

Don’t Forget to Fold

Not folding your laundry is akin to letting your bananas go brown — except you can’t make banana bread! Don’t be a sinner! Take your laundry out of the drier when timely and fold it right away. This will prevent wrinkles and the need to wash things again. If this doesn’t work for you another option is to sort your clothes into individual baskets for each family member as they come out of the dryer. Then, have the owners of each basket fold their own clothes.

Make Your Kids Do it

If you have kids over the age of 12, they should be doing their own laundry and while they’re at it — your laundry. Teaching your kids to do laundry will help them develop character and appreciate all that you do for them. Likewise, if Michelle Obama makes her girls do their own laundry — in the White House — then it’s time to give your kids a dose of reality. Make ‘em clean!

Go Green

To maximize the efficiency of your washer and save money — favor cold water over hot water and only wash full loads. This will reduce the amount of water you’re using. When you can choose to air-dry clothes to save on energy use — just remember that dark colors will fade in sunlight. Additionally, invest in an Energy Star ® efficient washer, which uses up to 50% less water per load and dries in a shorter period of time. We love Miele — every washing machine is at least 50% more efficient than standard models and has a tremendous lifespan — essential for saving on energy costs.

Organizing your laundry routine can save you time, money, and can help you become a little more efficient in the process. For more tips, tricks, and recipes, visit us at H&H Appliance Center and discover endless options that will make your life easier from the kitchen to the laundry room.


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