Planning the Perfect Easter Feast


Whether you’re traditional or in it for the candy, Easter is an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy delicious food. Pulling off the perfect meal comes down to menu planning, the right recipes, and having fun! Try out these tips for a perfect Easter feast.

Menu planning

Easter marks the start of a fresh spring season, so embrace lighter dishes that
will please your palate after a long winter. A perfect Easter meal will be the right combination of classic favorites and new twists. Likewise your menu will depend on whether you’re serving brunch, late lunch, or dinner. Whatever you choose, aim for one center dish, two side dishes, and a dessert. After you plan your menu, scale proportionally depending on how many people you’re feeding. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a robust red or bright Chardonnay, chilled in a wine cooler and ready to serve when you are.

Main course

Traditionally Easter menus center around a ham, chicken, or lamb. A tender and delicious meat is always a crowd pleaser and creates a central focus for your table. Perfect for brunch, or guests with a sweet tooth, try this brown sugar bourbon-glazed ham. Smothered in mustard and brown sugar, with hints of bourbon, this ham will heavenly render in the oven and develop deep flavor from studded cloves. A dual convection oven uses fans to evenly circulate heat, meaning whatever type of meat you choose to prepare, it will be perfectly tender every time.

Side dishes

Pair your main course with a starch and vegetable to please everyone at the table. Creamy scalloped potatoes are always a crowd favorite and are easy to elevate
with gruyere, parmesan, and fresh rosemary. Likewise a simple spring vegetable
like asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, or a delicious spring salad with lemon, tender carrots, and fresh green beans are both delicious and healthy. Round out your meal with baked rolls and butter. Keep dishes warm in the oven or warming drawer so that everything is ready to serve at the perfect temperature.


Dazzle your guests with an elevated chocolate cake, lemony bundt cake, or simple yet tantalizing fruit tart. This apricot-coconut cake is decadent and bursting with fruit, and the frosting is cut by sour cream.  With coconut pressed on either side, it will be a beautiful piece-de-résistance to a fresh Easter feast. To prepare use a convection oven, which automatically adjusts standard baking temperature so that cakes and tarts are perfect every time. Round out the meal with fudgy brownies or tart lemon bars, and pat yourself on the back for delivering a delicious meal.

Bring it together

No Easter celebration is complete without dying eggs. Dyed eggs make for a festive centerpiece and are an enjoyable activity for the whole family to partake in. Whether you’re dying standard chicken eggs, or a massive ostrich egg, there are endless opportunities to get creative. If you’d like to save your eggs for years to come, it’s actually quite simple to blow out the eggs yolks. Or you can hard-boil your eggs.

A gas range dual flame sealed burner ignites a roaringboil, with knobs that allow pinpoint precision control. To dye your eggs, in several containers mix one teaspoon of vinegar with one cup of water and varying drops of dye. Use a spoon or tongs and submerge eggs in the different dyes. Experiment with different submerge times and drops of dye for a colorful basket of eggs!

Easter is always a great time to celebrate the best of the fresh spring season with a delicious Sunday meal. No matter what you choose to prepare your Easter feast, H&H Appliance Center provides the tools and appliances so that any recipe comes out perfectly every time. Call us today at 609-426-1111 to learn how you can improve your kitchen.


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