Looking for a unique wedding registry option? Try a kitchen appliance registry.


Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jess Badgley Photography (www.jessbadgley.com).

Unique wedding ideas are quite difficult to come by in the modern age. With a variety of wedding registry options, you have probably heard yourself saying:

“What is a gift I can get this couple that they do not already have?”

“I would like to buy something from the registry, but everything on the registry in my price range is taken!”

“I want to give the couple something that is very functional that will last them years.”

“I want to contribute to their new home, but am not sure what to buy.”

If you have encountered these pre-wedding dilemmas, we are here to help. Have you considered remodeling your kitchen as your primary registry idea? It is a viable option that can prove useful for decades to come. Plus, every time you visit your beautiful new kitchen or open that stainless steel refrigerator you’ve always wanted that dispenses hot water (wow!) you can think about all of your wonderful family and friends who contributed to your new space.

Not sold on the idea? We understand. It sounds strange at first. Plus, buying major appliances can be a lifetime investment. Don’t fret, we’re with you. We are with you through every step of the buying process, which often includes a year-long process (although we can make it as short as you need it to be). From initial design, to cabinetry planning, to appliance research, selection, buying, installment, and follow-up – we are there.

If you are not located in our service area, but like the idea, suggest creating a registry to your local independent appliance retailer. When the time comes, here’s how to start.

  1. Contact your local independent retailer. Ask if they would be willing to be wedding registry participants. Some smaller retailers may not have the capability for order-ahead payment forms, so this is an integral first step.
  2. Create a realistic budget for a kitchen. If you are not sure what you need or what would fit into your budget, call us. We at H&H are happy to review what products fit your needs while making your guests’ wallets happy. Here are some initial guidelines to consider when creating a budget:

How to Create an Appliance Budget:

            Think of a fair, initial number for your kitchen. List how many pieces you would like to include. Package ideas include:

  •             Basic: Refrigerator and range/wall oven (2,000+/ can be less, depending on items and colors).
  •             Mid-Level: Refrigerator, wall oven/range, ventilation (hood), dishwasher, microwave (3,000-4,000+).
  •             The Upgrade: Refrigerator, wall oven and range, ventilation, dishwasher, wine cooler (custom based on need).
  •             The Fully Monty: Refrigerator, multiple ovens (steam oven, professional range, wall oven or double wall-oven), full wine refrigerator, dishwasher or multiple dishwasher drawers (custom based on need).

It is typically fair to estimate $50-$75/100+ per guest in receivable gifts. Estimate how much you could receive based on your guest count, and work this into the budget. You can also include the registry if you are having an engagement function or bridal shower where guests may want to send gifts.

Include installation costs in total price. Installation, custom cutouts, built-ins, and flush install are generally extra, and the last thing we want is for you to incur an additional cost that was not planned for. Make sure to bring up installation costs with your independent appliance retailer when talking about a general quote. Have your experienced appliance planner estimate these costs for you.

Remember, upgrades are extra. Now, this is your dream kitchen, so do not skimp if you will eternally look at that white refrigerator and wish it were stainless. However, when you are asking for a price quote, specify the color of the appliances, as stainless versus color often is a different price. Custom panels and handles for refrigerators and dishwashers are often extra and not included (strange, we know), as well. Ask if you can work this into the quote while keeping other costs down.

Ask about package deals. Many brands now offer packages that include free appliances if you buy a certain number. Some examples are Thermador’s 1-2-Free program and Dacor’s cash back program.

Once the budget is set, here are your next steps in promoting your registry.

  1. Tell your guests about the registry and push its importance. Include information about the registry in the invitations. H&H Appliance Center can create an invitational graphic that matches your invitations, describes the products you like, and tells guests how to participate in the registry (for a small fee). If you do not end up receiving enough gifts to qualify for a specific product, we will create a plan in advance to address this. Make sure any independent retailer you work with has this plan, as this is a unique idea for most small businesses and must be addressed to ensure seamless success.
  2. Single out one or two products that you really need, rather than a whole kitchen. Guests may be hesitant to add their gift to a registry that only includes very luxurious products. If you are choosing a high-end line, choose only one or two products to put on the registry, not an entire package.

Still not convinced? We would love to schedule a personal wedding consultation with your family if you are considering the idea. Feel free to fill out our contact form or e-mail Nicole@hhappliance.com for more details.


Special thanks to Jess Badgley for kindly supporting some photographs for this post from her own professional portfolio. You can see more of her work or request a session with her here.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jess Badgley Photography (www.jessbadgley.com).



One thought on “Looking for a unique wedding registry option? Try a kitchen appliance registry.

  1. What a smart and resourceful idea! Wedding registries are meant to help the new couple start out their life and home together. And there are few things more integral to the home than major appliances.

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