GE Cafe Appliances Kitchen Remodel: Adam and Sam

11025652_1545930892348835_8416812027931027392_nEvery so often we receive photos from customers that appreciate the appliances they have purchased from us. This week, we would like to feature our Warehouse Manager Adam’s family kitchen that was recently remodeled. When Adam and Sam were originally considering a remodel, they opted to go with an industrial kitchen theme. After a few changes of mind, they chose a more neutral look. The appliances Adam and Sam chose are part of the GE Cafe series, including a refrigerator, range and microwave.

1. The Refrigerator: The GE Cafe French Door (product link). This is a very popular H&H seller, due to the competitive price combined with a high-end look. For those tea and hot water fanatics, this is one of the only refrigerators on the market that dispenses hot water for you. In Fall of 2015, the newer models will even be dispensing coffee via Keurig K-Cups

Another perk to this product is its Energy Star certification, meaning your house will save hundreds annually compared to an older machine by using less electricity. Plus, you will not need to sacrifice space, this refrigerator has depth and can fit that milk on the door just fine.

2. The Gas Range: GE Cafe 30″ Free Standing Range with Baking Drawer (product link). With an automatic convection setting and baking drawer, this range provides an oven and a mini-oven for cooking. When you are not using the oven you can also use the lower cavity for storage. Boasting a self-clean setting, a 20,000 BTU burner, and 5,000 BTU simmer burner, this stove can accommodate any dish you are preparing. We also think the red kettle is a nice touch to Adam and Sam’s Cafe range.

3.  The Microwave: GE Cafe Over the Range Microwave (product link). The GE Cafe microwave accents the accompanying two products above while also acting as a convection oven and speed oven when needed. The backlit control panel is also a perk.

The black and gray backsplash is a popular trend that we have seen much of  and is similar to the backsplash in our Bosch and Thermador showroom. Tile backsplashes can be a DIY project, if you do your research. This tutorial provides a comprehensive tile backsplash install we recommend if tiling for the first time.

No kitchen would be complete without family approval, right? If you took notice of the kitchen photo, you will see a bone with the name “Oswald” hanging over the sink. Oswald is Adam and Sam’s prized puppy (he is so revered that we even wrote a blog post about him when we first started our blog). Oswald and his brand new sister, Brody, gave their seal of approval of the family’s kitchen, although they prefer to stick to the living room. Here you can see Oswald making sure Brody is comfy on the couch.


 Do you have a remodel you would like to share? We would love to hear your remodeling stories!


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