5 Kitchen Hacks You’ll Thank Us For Later

With a new year comes a new kitchen, right? Although many wish to remodel their kitchens come the start of the new year, sometimes it’s not financially feasible or you aren’t quite sure how you want to remodel yet. Whether you are in the final touches of a remodel, recently remodeled, or are not planning to in the future, here are top kitchen hacks for the modern household. There’s a little something below for all types of kitchens.

Hack 1. When remodeling, build cabinet storage into the countertops. This is an easy yet aesthetic way to produce more storage room for cutlery and countertop foods and gadgets. It’s a relatively inexpensive alteration, especially if you are remodeling the entire kitchen and have free reign over countertop material.

Install in-counter storage for your fruits, bread, and vegetables.

Hack 2. Use towel racks and “s” hooks to hang mugs, potholders, and oven mitts. Make sure to grab some stylish mitts, first! For this hack you will need some wall space, as this is not ideal for a tiny kitchen with only cabinet walls and windows. This is a great way to decorate a wall without art and with functionality.

Towel rack and s hooks...could be used upside down under cabinets too

Lacking the funds for a stainless upgrade but desperately want one? Try –

Hack 3. Line black or white dishwashers with stainless contact paper for a flawless stainless look. Try this $9.99 paper from Amazon for a $10 upgrade without the hassle. We suggest sampling a small area first. In case you do not like the look or are having trouble smoothing out the paper, it will be easy to remove it. Here is a tutorial on upgrading your appliances with stainless contact paper or even an artsy print. For a few extra bucks, you can even paint your fridge or dishwasher, although it may be tougher than contact paper.

Give your appliances an expensive-looking makeover with stainless steel contact paper.


If you do not have children or curious pets in the house, consider Hack 4. Using a double-sided magnetic strip to mount knives on the wall for a dramatic look. These strips sell for as little as $17.99 and are an excellent way to “sharpen” your kitchen look.

Small Space Kitchen Tip: Use a Double Magnetic Knife Holder

Hack 5. Build smaller appliances and storage into cabinetry. We see this hack quite often, and it is becoming more popular with newer kitchen remodels. Coffee machines, microwaves, and specifically designed shelving for certain items (cups, bakeware) are three ways to design cabinetry for functionality. Most commonly, shelving is built to hide microwaves. Make sure to check for the proper electrical hookups for the appliances you are planning to stash behind the scenes!

Hide a slide-out coffee bar or kitchen appliances behind folding doors.

6. Organize the inside of your refrigerator with a small lazy Susan.

Fridge Turntable

Bonus Hacks

We couldn’t leave you without some additional food prep hacks to add to the kitchen hacks of a lifetime. Here are our three top food hacks that you won’t believe:

1. Keep frozen grapes on hand to act as ice cubes in white wine without watering it down. 

Frozen Grapes: fantastic little cubes for keeping your wine chilled without watering it down.

2. Use an old CD case as a bagel holder for transport. This is truly a genius hack. CD holders can be reborn as bagel caddies.

3. Freeze olive oil with fresh herbs for a continuous supply of fresh herbs. 

33. Freeze Your Herbs in Olive Oil to Keep them Year Round | 42 Clever Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life


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