Announcing Dacor’s DacorMatch Color System: Coming to H&H this Fall!

Customization is in high-demand for the modern kitchen designer, and Dacor’s just made your range customization 100% easier by offering ovens in virtually any color – as long as you provide Dacor with a swatch of the color you would like. Do you have an older almond oven that is rapidly aging and would like to replace but never had the proper color option? That is now addressed through Dacor’s DacorMatch Color System. The ability to match almost any color is finally arriving this fall. Not only does this provide a chance for the reinvention of the kitchen, it enables vintage kitchen lovers to bring back colors that they loved in the past, such as Avocado (Pictured below by an old Frigidaire advertisement), Coppertone, and Almond (but in reality, would you want to bring these colors back when you can now invent new pastels in virtually any shade?).

Dacor is also offering 10 pre-determined color choices, as quoted by Dacor’s Director of Business Development, Kevin Henry on his blog and in the official press release by Dacor,

“In addition, the DacorDesignTeam has hand-selected 10 vibrant color choices for its wall ovens and ranges including Cordon Bleu, Sangria, Tangerine, Crimson, Smoke, Black Tie, Arctic, Citron, Envy and Radiant Orchid, the personal favorite of movie star and TV host, Oprah Winfrey and the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year.” 

Below is an example of one of these colors. It is a beautifully constructed light purple, which would fabulously complement jet black, or gray cabinetry.

What do you think of the new DacorMatch Color System? We would love to hear the colors you would put in your kitchen.


One thought on “Announcing Dacor’s DacorMatch Color System: Coming to H&H this Fall!

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