Nikita’s Laundry Room Makeover: Laundry Reorganized

I went into my laundry room the other day to find that I was overwhelmed with clothes and all other sorts of miscellaneous things that happen to end up in the laundry room. After a quick look around I thought to myself, “this calls for a project!”

After recently graduating from college, I found that my funds were lacking, and wanted to reorganize on a small budget. Rather than buying fancy baskets and other accessories to organize, I found easier, inexpensive ways to organize my laundry room and still look classy.



Of course, both my washer and dryer are from H&H Appliance Center. This set is no longer sold, but Whirlpool makes the Duet pair that are slightly larger but have the same functionality – I like this set because it’s  quiet and able hold many items. The best part of this set is that they have storage capability built underneath. Many people underutilize the storage space for this set. As you can see, my family had put items haphazardly around. Although we had a great storage space, they weren’t using it!

My first stop was Target. I bought a 3-part laundry basket which came in handy with laundry sorting (Whites, Colors, Delicate). We have about 4 laundry baskets in the house that I was aware of at the time of organization. This made it easier when bringing laundry down for washing.

After the bins I bought a drying rack, because not everything can go in the dryer. Unfortunately I learned from experience in college, when I shrunk one of my favorite sweaters. Before the reorganization we were using a small rack that my grandmother bought me to play house with as a child – it was absolutely time for an upgrade.

I used the space underneath the washer to store dog grooming tools. As most people do, I keep other items in the laundry room that are completely unrelated to laundry.  Under the dryer, I stored spot cleaning tools for clothes; the placement of the tools is great because they are within reach when I am cleaning. Keeping dog toys and grooming tools in the laundry room is a nice idea when there are smaller dogs in the house and they need a little area to find their toys. When they need grooming I am now able to sit on the ground and be within distance of the compartment.


VOILA! Clean and under $50. I decided to store the drying rack between the dryer and the sink. This space is perfect, as it is out of the way while cleaning but still reachable.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my project, I would love to hear them. Please send your thoughts to


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