Contés Pizzeria


On Witherspoon Street in Princeton, there is a pizzeria that has been around for decades. Nicole and myself had the pleasure of going to lunch there last week, and we would love to chronicle our trip. The owner, Ciro Baldino, gave us nothing but the best service. He recommended the Ciro pizza, made by himself, which features “all of the things you like”. The process includes asking the customer what toppings they like, and Ciro determining which mix of these ingredients will make the perfect pizza for that particular customer. Our Ciro pizza included pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and a few secret ingredients. Because we can’t tell you all of the ingredients, we recommend trying Conte’s for yourself. Being there was like a little slice of Italy.


We never visit a location without relating it to our own business, and soon we will attempt to recreate a Ciro pizza using a grill. Baldino recommended using pizza stones, otherwise the pizza dough could fall through the racks of the grill and burn. Using a pizza stone also ensures that the pizza will cook all the way through. We do sell these pizza stones from companies such as Napoleon, Weber, and Big Green Egg.



During our visit we had the wonderful opportunity to ask Mr. Baldino a few questions. Conte’s uses a commercial GE refrigerator, very typical of this type of business.

Have you been to Conte’s? We’d love to hear about your experience.


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