Maytag’s brilliant new ad campaign: Maytag Man gets a “MAY”jor “MAY”-ke-over

You may have seen him sitting in the cavity where the dishwasher goes in the latest TV commercials for Maytag; he’s the Maytag Man, and he’s back! Maytag’s old advertising campaign with their Maytag repairman is back and it is in full force this March. In fact, you’ve probably seen him around this month and giggled or took a double-take at the commercials. The Maytag Man is everywhere, gearing up just in time for the famous “May is Maytag Month” sale that Maytag promotes each year during May. 

So who is the Maytag Man? The new Maytag Man is actor Colin Ferguson, seen in TV series like Capers (2014), Haven, Happily Divorced, and Eureka. He is a bit different than the traditional Maytag man, who was a little less of a stud, and fulfilled the traditional stereotype of the repairman.

Maytag promotes this campaign as an abstract yet relatable concept – that your appliances have the “man”power to get the job done right. By giving the appliances human-like descriptions and qualities (also known as anthropomorphism) Maytag is showing the consumer that their products have what it takes to give you the best quality that is American-made (or so they claim – but we sell them and do stand behind their products). 

What do you think of the Maytag Man? If you’d like, you can also follow him on Twitter @TheMaytagMan. And as always, you can follow us @hhappliances.


The beginning of the Maytag Man campaign years ago: 


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