Be your Appliances for Halloween – 3 Creative Costumes

Are you tired of being the same old thing every year for Halloween? Even worse, are you tired of spending exorbitant amounts of money on costumes that you will probably never wear again due to the antics of Halloween (yummy punches that spill all over your costume, being scared and falling on the ground, you know the deal). Here are three DIY Halloween costumes, and better yet, costumes that are appliances!

1. Your Refrigerator

What a cute and easy idea. If you are in the Central Jersey area next year and need a large box, come by the store a few weeks before Halloween and ask for one!


2. An Oven

Also an easy DIY costume, this costume is sure to be a hit wherever you go.

27521a2885bbcd22e6ffa8c53f9f4e55 3.  Your Dryer and also your Static Cling



Check out the rest of our suggestions on our Pinterest board.


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