Winterizing your Gas-Grill

It’s easier than you think! With the cold weather steadily approaching, it’s about time to make sure your gas grill is prepared for the cold weather. So if you’re not one of those winter grillers follow these easy steps to ensure your grill will sustain the chilly months.

The good thing is, most high-end grills are built to last and the cold weather should not be a problem. First, you want to clean the racks and make sure all excess foods that have been left on there all summer are gone. The last thing you want is an old, charred, corn kernel encrusted onto your steak next season! Turn that grill on for one last time and let the remnants of your 4th of July BBQ burn off. Leave it on, attended, for a few minutes, then scrub with a grill brush when it’s not too hot.

After this step, turn your propane tank off. Remember, tanks should never be stored indoors and your tank should be fine outside. Once the tank is turned off, disconnect the hose and store it properly. The last, final, and sad step is to cover the grill for the winter, with a sturdy cover, like this one from Weber. Have any other questions? Comment below!



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