Why you should self-clean your oven BEFORE Thanksgiving

Okay, you may think we’re a little early on this post, but we are just looking out! 

Every year we have customers come in a few days before Thanksgiving with the frantic, “I tried to self-clean my oven, and now my oven is broken!” First, we have to answer, why is this happening? But also, we need to teach you how to avoid this issue before turkey day arrives. 



What many people do not know is that self-cleaning ovens have a latch that automatically locks when you turn the self-clean on. This is a safety feature because the oven reaches extremely high temperatures and opening it during cleaning could be dangerous. This latch can cause problems if used infrequently – which is why you should not wait to self-clean your oven. Sometimes latches get stuck, won’t work to begin with, or break; these are all problems that can be fixed with a basic service call. 

Because self-cleaning is something that people typically do on an infrequent basis, it is something that can cause problems. So this year, give yourself a few weeks before the holidays to self-clean the oven (if your oven has this capability, of course) and we guarantee you’ll thank us later. Hopefully, your self-cleaning devices work perfectly and you don’t need us! 🙂

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