5 grilling recipes to use before you winterize your grill

Grilling season is wrapping up quickly – a little faster than many of us would like.  But before you winterize your grill, check out these 5 recipes to get you ready for the cold weather.

1. Grilled Peaches. Really, need I say more?peaches1

Try this awesome grilled B.L.P. recipe for a neat variation on an old-time lunch favorite by Tastewiththeeyes. A little fall white sangria to go with it? I think so.

2. Bourbon-Glazed Yams with Mint. 


3. Barbecue Bloody Mary’s. 

Personally, I am not a Bloody Mary fan, but these seem pretty darn good. Grill your tomatoes for a few minutes before blending them to make the drink. Be careful not to char them as they will taste burnt, and the burnt matter on the tomatoes is not good for your body. If you want a little pep in your step, add some hot sauce to the mix and garnish with a slice of  jalapeno!

4.  Pizza. Yes Pizza, on the grill. Pizza is easy to make on the grill and tastes great. Put together a fall-theme pizza for an ultra-deliciously themed night!

5. Grilled Butternut Squash with Balsamic Reduction.

Butternut squash is a fall-favorite that is rarely grilled. Why wouldn’t one grill this popular fall food? It is easily grill-able and makes for an excellent side dish!

Before you put your grill away, make sure you get the most out of your appliance for the end-of-season weather. It will only last a few weeks, so put a sweatshirt on, get out there and start grilling! Any fall grilling ideas? Comment below!


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