Washing Delicates with Miele’s Stackable Washer Dryer

Washing delicates is never an easy task. With skirts, buttons, and frills on many pieces, washing delicates can often become a cumbersome duty. Recently, H&H connected our Miele stackable washer dryer set – and when we did, we decided to put the “handwash” feature to the test.

This stackable combo is sleek and compact, fitting in many places most washers and dryers would not. However, for this price the load size is slightly smaller than other, larger models of washer/dryers.


Nicole brought in some delicate dresses and tops, most made of rayon, polyester, and cotton blends. Most of the items had some type of frilly skirt or detail that could easily be wrinkled or torn in a rough cycle. Here are a few items from the load before washing:


This second photo shows the wrinkles in the items. They were pretty darn wrinkled.

Miele’s stackable washer has a digital screen and buttons that indicate which type of wash cycle you would like to use, much like any washer. The door is opened by pressing a button, which is nice for those of you who never know if the washer/dryer are “really” closed (I know I’m one of those people!)

The process of using this combo is straightforward. Buttons on both devices explain what type of load you would like to wash or dry, and all you need to do is select the spin toughness and water temperature.

Using the “handwash” feature takes about 40 minutes using this model. It is a frontload washer with a glass panel, which is neat because you can see your clothes being washed. I especially liked this to watch how the “handwash” feature worked.

The actual washer was very quiet and I could see being quite convenient for someone who hates the loud washer that sounds like it’s about to take off into space at any given moment.


Depending on the load to dry, the machine takes about an hour. I used the “anti-wrinkle” setting with “max dry”.


The result was – happy, clean, delicate clothes! Nothing was ripped or torn and the color of the clothes was consistent with pre-wash. The only complaint I had is that my dresses were still wrinkled post-dry, although they were not nearly as wrinkled as when I put them into the washer. I guess there are some things only an iron can do 🙂



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