Grilling accessories you don’t want to forget this summer, part I

We know that when you packed up the grill last fall, some accessories went missing. It happens to the best of us. You may be missing a spatula, tongs, or even a brush to clean the grill off with. These are H&H’s picks on the best grilling accessories for the summer. You don’t want to misplace these this winter!

1. A grill brush – trust us, you need it. Cooking outside gets messy, and if you’re anything like me, all kinds of leftovers of your lovely grill masterpiece end up charred either inside or on the grates of the grill. For this problem, we recommend “The Toughest Little BBQ Grill Brush Ever Made” by BrushTech.

We like this brush for a few reasons – first, it’s absolutely adorable. I mean it’s called the toughest little BBQ brush ever made. 

But unlike a lot of other brushes, it actually is tough yet is also compact, so it can fit in storage under the grill (if you have it) or a small box where you store your other accessories. It is also designed to be hung somewhere near the grill if a hook is available.

2.  A long-handle spatula or set or tongs. Even the most experienced griller can get easily burnt if not paying full attention. And with the kids, grandkids, or Sangria-drinking friends, you may lose attention easily. So do everyone a favor and get a long-handle spatula.

3. A wok. Recommended by our Warehouse Manager Adam, using a wok to cook vegetables on the grill is easy and provides for quick cleanup. A wok is a traditional Chinese cooking pan that is shaped like a bowl to cook vegetables and meat. Make sure to get a wok that is grill-friendly and doesn’t have handles that will melt with the heat. Weber sells a wok pan that is super-grill friendly. Woks are also beneficial because they cook vegetables quickly, leaving them with more nutrients and a crunchier taste than cooking with oil.

4. Pizza Stones. Pizza stones are absolutely cool and will impress all of your guests at your next outdoor function. We can provide the pizza stones – but can’t give you the fabulous pizza recipe. You’re on your own with that.

5. An ebelskiver. What is an ebelskiver, you ask? Check out this post we wrote entirely only ebelskivers and how to use them. A Danish tradition, these will certainly make you host of the year. Especially if you include chocolate in them.

Those are our top 5 grill accessories for the summer. Check back in a few days to hear the rest of the list!


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