H&H’s New Mascot: Meet Oswald Chesterfield Copperpott

ImageIt’s not every day that you see an adorable white frenchie trotting around a big ole’ appliance warehouse. But Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepott isn’t your average dog, actually, he’s quite a unique little critter.

Now you probably won’t see the little Oswald often, as he’s a bit shy and only comes around about once a month. And when he does come around, he usually stays close to puppy parents Adam and Sam. But he does have a majestic little aura about him that is too lovable not to squeeze.

Little Oswald Chesterfield Copperpott was born on September 4th 2011. Parents Adam and Sam got Oswald two years ago in his puppy prime as a little babe. He’s grown to be a pre-teen puppy, now 2, but technically 14…in dog years.Actually, according to Pedigree’s dog age calculator, Oswald is 24. Bring on the cocktails!

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 1.41.04 PM

Last year, Oswald had a health scare when he accidentally ate some stuff he shouldn’t have. But with a few veterinary visits and surgeries, he’s back to his strapping young self. Currently Oswald is aspiring to become a french bulldog model, but in this tough market it’s difficult to catch a break. He would love to be like his idol Mortecai, pictured below.


Here’s Oswald’s attempt:


..Valiant effort Mr. Copperpott.

In his free time, he struts his stuff on the dogwalk (not the catwalk, because that would just be silly), and dutifully protects his parents Adam and Sam from danger. Adam and Sam watch a lot of horror movies, so Oswald has a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to creaking doors and bumps one hears in the night.

Oswald would also like to note that his favorite thing, in the entire world, is his mama, Sam. Hi mama!


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