BlueStar Cooking: Questions and Answers from a BlueStar Rep

Today with have Chris Reinhart in the store holding a BlueStar Cooking Demonstration. While cooking, we pulled Chris aside to ask him a few questions that would be beneficial to anyone looking at BlueStar products.  BlueStar is an American company based out of Reading, Pennsylvania that sells cooking appliances such as ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and ventilation systems. Here’s our interview with Chris. Image 

1. What would be the first thing you tell someone who knows nothing about BlueStar? 

We are a high-end locally made (Reading, PA) brand, and our mission is to make cooking equipment that will replicate that of a commercial range. We want you to be able to make your favorite dishes from favorite restaurants – in your home. 

2. What is your favorite product you sell, and why? 

Our claim to fame is our open burner – my favorite product is our rangetop. It is second to none, we’ve cooked using competitors products on induction, electric, etc. Nothing compares to our rangetop.

It’s not new technology but it’s the best technology – the star burner – even distribution of heat from side to side and extreme heat to low heat in the twist of a knob. 

So what is the Star burner? Is that what BlueStar is named after? 

BlueStar is named after the burner, yes, and it is an open burner. It is the only open burner that is shaped and transfers the heat in this way. 

3. What do you think sets BlueStar apart from their competitors?

Our customization – all ranges are made one at a time in Reading, PA. We can customize burners to any kitchen’s needs and our ranges come in over 190 colors. Where bigger companies only sell 10 different models, we can essentially build any range based on what the consumer needs. 

4. Where can I buy BlueStar? 

You must buy from independent dealers. (You can also select a dealer near you here)


Any questions about BlueStar? Call us at 609.426.1111 or comment below!

Here’s our BlueStar display that is live! Come see what it can do.



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