3 Mother’s Day Gifts to impress MOM

Mother’s Day comes around every year, and every year I’m stuck figuring out what to get my mom for the holiday. It seems like most commercialized gifts just don’t do Mom justice for all that she does. So this year, surprise mom with something that she may not expect! Here are 3 ways to impress mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Flowers – nice, short, and sweet flowers. 


The simplicity of Mom’s favorite flower will definitely make her day, especially if you rarely get flowers. If you typically get mom flowers, I would opt for another option to impress mom – but for someone like me, who rarely buys flowers for mom, they say more than you think. The tricky part about the flowers – is that you need to find out Mom’s favorite without being obvious. So, a few weeks before the holiday, talk about Spring, and casually ask, “Oh, what’s your favorite flower Mom?” She’ll never see it coming!

Mom’s not a flower person – now what? 

It’s okay non-flower moms, we got your back.

2. Host your very own, and inexpensive wine & cheese pairing for mom. 


Okay, the trick here is to do some research. If you can, find a local farm that makes their own cheese. If you’re in a place that might not have a local cow nearby – pick up a few different cheeses and fruits from your local grocer. You can even pair wine with chocolate. Here’s one resource on pairing, but like I said, you need to do your own research! After all, you know what mom likes.

But MY MOM doesn’t like wine or flowers, what can I do!?

Okay, so mom is not a flower or chocolate person, which is great, because maybe she also isn’t expecting much because she knows you aren’t sure what to get her. Well, that’s when you throw the curveball and…


3. Get mom a new kitchen! Okay, not really, because we can’t afford that this year. BUT, you can find out something around the house that mom likes and work towards achieving that goal. So if mom wants a new range, give her $50 that can only be used towards that. Wants a new refrigerator? Print out some ideas that you think mom would like. Or, if she simply likes to garden, weed the garden for her.

There you have it, our Mother’s Day suggestions. What is the best gift you have gotten mom for mother’s day?


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