How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances


Often customers visit our store and buy stainless steel appliances because let’s face it, they look great.

Stainless appliances are classy, timeless, and sturdy-looking – and people like that.

The question we get often is, “So, how can I clean these appliances….?” followed by a worried, confused expression. We are here to assuage your stainless cleaning panics – and give some tips on our favorite stainless cleaning products (Full disclosure – We do sell the cleaning product we are about to recommend, but we actually do prefer the product and use it in-store).

Cleaning is simple – if you do it right

Any kind of rag or cloth will do if you use Enviro-Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner by Amazon. (not the Amazon that you think, a different company). The bottle looks like this:


We prefer microfiber cloths but any will work. Do not use tough rags, such as brillo pads or wire pads. These will scratch the stainless and damage the surface.

Don’t Wax on, wax off

People typically advise to go “with the grain” on appliances like refrigerators, although we find that it really doesn’t make a difference. Our daytime maintenance associate says that for her, lines instead of circles work better.  Using Mr. Miyagi’s method makes the cleaning product smear, which causes you to need to clean the appliance a second time to get it really clean.

Envrio-Magic, Our Favorite 

We like Envrio-Magic for a few reasons. First, it smells better than other products. Many stainless products have strong smells that just seem unhealthy. Enviro-Magic produces a slight smell and doesn’t leave the cleaner feeling yucky. Also, it works well, quickly. Unlike other stainless cleaners we’ve tried, you do not need to use much of Enviro-Magic to perfectly clean the surface. A little really does go a long way. As an added benefit, Enviro-Magic is not tested on animals. And, that just makes everyone happy.

So, if you’re looking to clean your stainless appliances, try Enviro-Magic. Stop by the store for a bottle or some additional cleaning tips!



One thought on “How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

  1. Nice! I’ve tried the lemon and olive oil options as well to clean my stove top, but unfortunately it leaves a slight residue that ultimately gets wiped off anyway. My husband works for a company that uses electropolishing services to clean aircraft equipment parts and apparently it makes them not only shiny and clean – but essentially evens out all surface imperfections on a microscopic level. The company they use is called Able, you can check out their website at if you’re interested in learning more.

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