Bruschetta in 10 minutes: A quick and easy recipe

Ever get so hungry that you feel like you are going to eat ANYTHING in about 5 seconds?

Don't be like Buddy and eat your paw. Just make our 10 minute bruschetta!

Don’t be like Buddy and eat your paw. Just make our 10 minute bruschetta!

This recipe is for those who feel like they need a quick snack in 10 minutes.  Enjoy! IMG_0145

We made this recipe in our store for the employees a few days ago and wanted to share it with you. Bruschetta is an Italian side dish consisting of tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, vinegar, and spices. It is typically served cold onto freshly baked, toasted bread. Here’s our recipe for a quick and easy bruschetta.

Brilliant Bruschetta


Chopped oregano
Chopped Basil
Salt and Pepper to taste
3-4 whole tomatoes, thinly sliced with
1-3 garlic cloves, freshly minced
(don’t buy them prepackaged, it really makes a difference)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
1/2 loaf italian bread
**Any bread that is good for toasting will do


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees OR turn on broiler on high (Use broiler if you want to bake the bread quickly).

2. Slice bread into thick slices, then cut those slices in half horizontally. Place in the oven to bake with a drizzle of olive oil on each piece.

3. Saute minced garlic and olive oil on medium heat until garlic starts to turn brown. DO not let them burn. Add some of the tomatoes for approximately 20 seconds, no more.

4. Set them aside in a bowl.

5. Take the rest of the tomatoes and put them in the serving bowl with the garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes. Add more olive oil (if necessary), balsamic vinegar to taste, salt and peper to taste, and oregano and basil, generously. The color of the mixture should be a light brown. Too yellow means you overdid it on the olive oil, and too dark means too much balsamic vinegar. Overadding balsamic vinegar will cause the mix to be too bitter, so be mindful – less is better than more. The great thing about this recipe is if you mess up the ratio, it’s easy to balance out by adding more.

6. If you can, chill in freezer for 5 minutes before serving, or 20 min in refrigerator.

Top on bread and enjoy ♥



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