Summer Grill Tips: 3 ways to prepare your grill for summer

Last week proved to be a summer tease for much of Central Jersey. We grilled, thought about basking in the sun, and before we could bust out that bikini, the warm weather was swiftly scooped from under our sandals. Followed by rain and cold fronts, our dreams of summer still lingered as we tasted the barbecue chicken made on our grills last week.

Just because the warm weather has taken an abrupt hiatus, does not mean our summer grilling plans need to. Successful summer grilling plans start with gearing your grill up properly, so here are three simple ways to prepare your grill for summer.

1. Safety First: Winter should NOT be coming. 

First, look around the grill. Make sure everything is intact, there are no serious dents, especially in your tanks or hoses. Sometimes, little creatures like to eat them and this can cause a serious hazard to you and your family.


This adorable little guy is just waiting to chomp on your grill equipment…

Do not use your tanks or equipment if they are damaged. 🙂

2. Clean the grill and surrounding area. 

After checking for safety, open the lid and clean the grill with a grill brush (a dry brush, no need for cleaning liquid of any sort). You can clean stainless steel grates on the grill with cooking oil. Brush off the inside of the lid and also make sure there are no outside creatures (spiderwebs, spiders, bees) comfortably residing in your grill space. Take the burner out and peek just to make sure.

3. S-S-Start it up. 

Light up the grill and let it run for about twenty minutes, to make sure everything is working properly. Before doing this, make sure your tanks are full and always, always have a spare tank. There’s nothing worse than grilling your grandfather’s famous barbecue chicken and your tank runs out, with all of your guests anticipating this momentous summer dish. You do not want angry + hungry guests.

After checking off the necessities on this list, your grill is adequately prepared for a summer feast. Eat up!



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