Vegan Vanilla Coconut Cupcakes Using Miele Convection

On our blog, you will see many vegetarian and vegan recipes. This is because our President, Kenny, tries his best to live a vegan lifestyle and we want to accomodate everyone’s needs. In the future we will be posting low-cholesterol recipes, low-fat, and overall natural, healthy ways to eat using our products.

Today, we made vegan vanilla coconut cupcakes in our Miele showroom. We got the wonderful recipe from this blog, so we can’t take the credit in that department. In this post, we will walk you through the recipe using the Miele MasterChef oven. We used a Convection Miele, although they offer Speed overs as well. You can read more about the oven from Miele’s website, here.

First we piled all of the ingredients together. They are seen below.


First, we pre-heated our oven to 350 degrees. Normally we would use convection baking on the Miele MasterChef oven, but because this was Nicole’s first time using this oven, she opted for the traditional way. Next time we’ll be all-convection. This model has MasterChef controls which allow you to cook at different temperatures and methods that best suit the dish you’re making. We’ll dive into the MasterChef tools at a later date. For cupcakes, we simply pre-heated the oven and let it warm up. 



Then we combined all of the dry ingredients together in this timeless KitchenAid mixer. These mixers are fabulous (Note: we sell KitchenAid appliances but this mixer is just for display) and we highly suggest them for any household baker or chef. They really make the job that much easier. 


Afterwards, we combined the oils, milks, and other wet ingredients. Mixed them well, and combined the dry ingredients in the mixer. That’s pretty much it for the cupcakes! Bake them for 20 minutes or more (but be careful, because they are vegan and you are substituting eggs, the consistency of the cupcake is completely different than a traditional cupcake, so it may look overdone but really isn’t and vice versa). The dry old toothpick trick works to check for a complete bake. (Don’t know the trick? Click here for it).

The frosting is a bit odd, because combining the ingredients creates a fluffy, whipped topping, a little thinner than cool-whip. It tastes great but you may have to sell it to non-vegan cupcake eaters. However, they sell pretty easily, because this is what they look like.


What’s your favorite baking recipe? Let us know and we’ll cook it in one of our convection ovens!


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