The Best Produce to Buy During the Fall


It’s finally that time of year — fall! The time for juicy corn and sweet watermelon is over, but that doesn’t mean that fall doesn’t bring delicious produce that you’ll enjoy just as much. The fall season welcomes red delicious apples, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes! Buy the following produce before the end of the season, and be sure to try out the following delicious recipes!

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Our Favorite Autumn Soups and Stews


The season is shifting to cooler weather, and you know what that means — autumn is finally here! It’s time to bring back all of the autumn foods you love — including pumpkin, squash, and stew! Cooler weather pairs perfectly with warm meals. Who doesn’t love to cozy up with a hot bowl of soup on a cool fall evening?

Get into the fall spirit by making delicious soups for fall ahead of time — and then freeze them! Freeze soups? It’s possible — especially with these delicious soup and stew recipes that’ll keep you warm all season long!

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Easy One-Pot Weekday Meals


With busy school and work schedules, there’s barely any time to get things done during the week, let alone cook healthy and delicious meals every evening. Who has the time or energy to cook a full meal on a Monday night and then clean up the aftermath of dirty pots and dishes? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cook a delicious, healthy meal every night and only use a single pot? Fear not — it is possible! These easy one-pot recipes will make upcoming weekday nights the best and most delicious you’ve ever had!

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Meal Planning 101: How to Use Your Freezer


Your fridge is the heart of your kitchen, keeping it alive with all sorts of delicious foods. And opening those fridge doors to see food piled upon food can feel like heaven (unless you forgot to go grocery shopping again, oops!).

And then there’s that other door that perhaps you haven’t explored quite enough: the freezer. The freezer is sacred, preserving your food for long periods of time, while still keeping it fresh. Of course, there’s an art to freezing food, and not everybody knows the true secrets of how to use the freezer. Here, we’ll give you the rundown of just how to use your freezer to it’s fullest potential.

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DIY Delightful Picnics


Picnics are what make the summer delicious. Nothing is better than lounging outside underneath the sun with your favorite people and favorite foods. Picnics aren’t limited to red-checkered blankets and wicker baskets filled to the brim with store-bought goods. Add some fun and flavor to your picnics with these DIY picnic ideas!

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Dishwasher Tips That Will End Clean-Up Battles


In 1886, Josephine Cochran invented the first dishwasher, effectively bringing peace to a country torn by the Civil War. But it wasn’t until decades later, in the 1950s, that dishwashers became a standard kitchen appliance to the delight of housewives everywhere. Today, kitchen clean-up echoes the bloody battles of the Civil War, with spouses, kids, and pets alike sparring over dishwasher duties. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With these choice tips, you can save time, hassle, and once again bring peace to your dishwasher’s hallowed throne:

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Sublime Summer Desserts with Seasonal Fruits


Strawberries, peaches, and cherries — oh my! Summertime offers a short window of ripened bliss, when local fruit is fresh, cheap, and abundant. There is nothing sweeter than going to your local farmer’s market and picking up fresh tomatoes or towing the family for fresh picked blueberries. Fresh fruit also means that dessert just got a lot healthier! From simple deserts, to dessert pizza (who doesn’t like pizza?), to easy no-bake recipes we’ve gathered our favorite summer desserts that never fail to thrill.

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The Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Guide to Charcoal Grilling and Smoking

Blender Hacks and Recipes for Smoothies, Dips, and More!


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.57.53 PM
A stalwart of the kitchen, the blender is a go-to tool for convenient cooking. Forget chopping by hand, a high performance blender can make homemade, healthy cooking effortlessly fast and nutritious. This guide will enable you to create perfect smoothies along with delicious dips and kitchen essentials, all so you can reap the best usage from your blender.


Smoothies are the modern choice for a refreshing, light pick me up and these simple tips can take your smoothie making to a whole new level. If you’re drinking smoothies regularly, simple tricks can cut your smoothie making time in half. Try pre-packaging your ingredients before hand in plastic baggies. Even more efficient, smoothies can be made ahead of time and frozen in a muffin tin for simple, on-the-go meals. Similarly, freeze coffee or fresh spinach and kale in an ice tray to simplify the smoothie making process come assembly time. You can also easily freeze frozen banana slices. Beef up your smoothies with protein powder and make it a true meal — you won’t even be able to taste it.

It’s easy to create a delicious smoothie with a little imagination and experimentation. For instance, we love this healthy and delicious smoothie made with baby spinach, peeled ginger, and peaches — fresh, healthy, and with a satisfying kick, this smoothie is perfect for a satisfying breakfast or an afternoon treat.

Cooking Staples

A blender puts homemade cooking right at your fingertips — look no further than blender butter! Made right in your blender this homemade butter is creamier and richer than store bought butter and is infinitely simpler to make. It’s as simple as whipping up heavy cream with salt and voilà spreadable goodness for pancakes, toast, and more.

Make your butter even more tantalizing by making cookies and cream butter with chopped Oreos. Fashioned after the popular product sold by Trader Joe’s this recipe is addicting and the perfect sweet treat.

Homemade mayonnaise is equally straightforward to make and doesn’t contain damaging additives. Delicious and made exactly to your custom tastes, homemade mayonnaise is incredibly easy to make and will last in your fridge up to a month.

& So Much More!

A blender can be used for so much more than simple smoothies. Use as a tool to aerate eggs for frittata, whip up batter for pancakes and French toast, or make spicy salsa. You can even decant wine in a blender by blending it on high speed for 30- 60 seconds. Blenders can also be used to make soup. Celebrate summer with this chilled cucumber and avocado soup that will taste fresh from the garden, and is simply divine when topped with a fresh mango salsa.

Blenders make creating delicious meals simple and fun, the hardest part will be choosing the right one for you. The high-performance Wolf Gourmet blender is just what you need for crafting everything from refreshing smoothies to velvety soups. A great multitasker, this blender will become your new best friend in the kitchen. It can effortlessly grind nuts into butter or whip cream with consistent results every time. The easy to use dial makes it simple to blend ingredients to your exact preference. H&H Appliance Center offers endless options to not only whip up amazing dips, but also has the latest appliances for crafting delicious recipes for years to come. Visit us at our showroom today to speak to an expert!

Summer Grill Guide

Memorial Day picnic

Memorial Day marks the start of summer and endless sunshine. There’s no better way to celebrate such a time, than by cranking up the grill and serving up simple, delicious food. Whether you’re having a few friends over or anchoring a neighborhood-wide Memorial Day BBQ, use these tips as an inspiration to keep everyone full and happily anticipating the glorious start of the summer months.

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