Product Review: Dacor Appliances

dacor steam oven

It’s 2019 and connection is king. In an age where everything from your garbage can to your dinner plates is making smart decisions for you, having appliances that make life easier no longer simply a perk; it’s expected. Our friends at Dacor are reinventing the kitchen with innovative cooking and cooling appliances that creatively combine utility, technology, and modern design.

30″ Steam-Assisted Wall Oven

The Modernist collection is perhaps Dacor’s most evolved and ambitious series yet. This game-changer of an oven offers sleek design and high-caliber performance. Whether utilizing its namesake feature Steam Assist — which delivers the right amount of steam to perfectly cook meat or an artisan loaf of bread — or reducing cook time with the Dual Four-Part Convection, this oven will cook evenly and quickly, every time. The wifi-enabled seven-inch LCD control panel allows for seamless pre-programming and accessible recipes that are just a tap of the touch screen away.

The SmartThings connected platform can be easily integrated and allows a user to preheat the oven, as well as monitor temperature and cooking status — all from a smartphone. The features list is lengthy, including things you never know you needed, such as Chef Mode, which delivers expert cooking advice on everything from temperatures and timing to optimum rack settings, right from the oven’s display panel. The steam technology is also allows for faster, safer oven cleaning, without having to use harsh chemicals or extreme heat.

Modernist 42″ Built-In Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door

This appliance is what refrigerator-sized dreams are made of. As with all Dacor products, it combines form and function — while throwing in a ton of incredible extras. The best-in-class food preservation feature maintains freshness at a constant temperature and a high-humidity environment that tops any other leading brand. The Precise Cooling and Triple Cooling Technology means that food is kept fresher for longer by preventing the mixture of moist refrigerator air and dry freezer air — without compromising energy efficiency. Perfect for entertaining, this fridge makes both standard ice cubes and larger, slow-to-melt cubes for cocktails. The hidden touch display panel and interior 3D lighting are just a couple of the sophisticated finishes that places this refrigerator into the luxury appliance category.

Dacor mic

Modernist 30″ Microwave-In-A-Drawer

Everyone loves the convenience of a microwave, but when it comes to designing the perfect modern kitchen, we don’t always like the way they look. The Modernist Microwave-In-A-Drawer provides the solution: hiding this unsightly appliance away behind a sleek, flush façade. The automatic drawer allows for easy loading and unloading with the push of a button, and the microwave comes with 10 preset modes for advanced settings, which include melt, warm, and soften. And did we mention this microwave is smart? The smart moisture sensor automatically adjusts cooking times and power levels based on interior humidity levels. It also comes with an automatic start feature that can be set to begin cooking at any time of day. For chefs who like to make it a bit more complicated, this Dacor microwave has multiple sequence cooking, which can be set so that four cooking sequences — each with different power levels — automatically transition from one to the other without an extra touch needed.

These three Modernist appliances from Dacor were made to ignite your creativity in the kitchen and inspire unique entertaining and culinary experiences. They all come with design options to appeal to your aesthetic and are sure to excite both the master chef and the home cook.

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another completely made-up holiday that we love to love. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, your entire brood, or your galentines — this day is all about showing the love. We’ve planned three ways to celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day at home, no matter who you spend it with.


A Night In With Your Other Half

It’s February 14 and every couple in your city is vying for the same reservation as you are. Why not skip the crowded restaurant and expensive (and scantly-portioned) prix fixe menu this year and opt for a romantic night in? Not only will you save money on dinner and drinks; you’ll also get to spend the evening with the only person you actually wanted to spend it with in the first place.

Cooking a favorite meal together is one of the best ways to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. For a cozy, soul-satisfying dish you’ll both drool over, try this creamy shrimp scampi risotto. Don’t let TV food competitions scare you — risotto is not hard to make, and  it will only be about 45 minutes until you’re wooing each other with this savory flavor bomb of a dish. While the risotto is simmering on the stove, crack open your favorite bottle of wine or whip up a craft cocktail and simply relax. Pro-tip: Don’t talk about work, unpaid bills, or your in-laws. This should be a stress-free night with your one and only — all that stuff will still be there waiting on February 15.

For dessert, why not make what you would have ordered out anyway? Okay, chocolate lava cake sounds intimidating, but it is so worth it. And honestly, if you and your partner can master this fancy dessert together, the world is yours. While the cakes are in the oven, it’s time to take the celebration over to the couch. That’s right: It’s time for Netflix. But forget about firing up a rom-com tonight. Instead, find one of the stand-up comedy specials that all of your friends and co-workers have been raving about and press play. Because what brings you closer than laughing together over mutually humiliating and awkward topics? Nothing.

A Family Affair

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you couldn’t nab a babysitter. Who says you can’t still celebrate together at home? Put the kids to work by cooking a dinner together that will keep everyone busy and having fun at the same time. If ever there were a night to call for homemade personal pizzas, it’s tonight. Line up work stations with pizza dough and everyone’s favorite toppings, and let the pizza-making extravaganza begin.

While everyone is busy in the kitchen, send your partner to set up the living room with Valentine’s Day balloons, flowers, and candy. After devouring your pizza creations, guide the kids over to check out the newly decorated digs where you’ll start up game night. Let the kids pick their favorite board games and spend the rest of the night playing, laughing, and eating chocolates with your favorite people.


Gather the Gals

Whether you’re single or not, celebrating Galentine’s Day with your besties is always a good idea. Typically, this femme fete is hosted on February 13, but who says you can’t hold yours on Valentine’s Day itself? Having the group over at your place? Host a potluck dinner and winetasting. Whether you plan to have a theme or not, ask each friend to make and bring their favorite dish. Be sure to mix up cuisines and types of dishes — you don’t want to be stuck with seven types of pasta. To give your gals some inspiration, try to recreate some of your favorite restaurant meals. Kale caesar salad and creamy buffalo chicken dip are always crowd pleasers. Don’t forget: They shouldn’t all be main courses!

In addition to dinner, have each friend also bring their favorite bottle of wine that pairs well with their dish. Dishes and wine pairings can be served together and everyone can grab their meal buffet-style before sitting down to eat.

The perfect way to end the night is by playing mindless adult party games, such as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme? Give your girls a parting Galentine’s Day goodie bag filled with chocolate, nips, and personalized cards on their way out. It’s sure to be the perfect end to a perfect night in with the gals.


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