Seven Recipes to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Intact


Every January, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. But as we get farther away from New Year’s Day, the shine of our goals can dull quickly. Entering the long months of winter, we crave comfort, and often go back to old habits that undercut our good intentions.

This year, the most popular Google search term for New Year’s resolutions was to “get healthy”. Eating healthy food should be at the top of any to-do list, and we’ve gone through our favorite recipes to find these delicious dishes that will keep you interested in eating well, and inspired to keep your wellness goals.

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Why Fresh Food Matters


Thinking with Your Stomach

 When we hear the word addiction, we might think of alcohol or drugs, not food. Food sustains life, but it also holds the power to damage or control it. Many of us, whether we realize it or not, have our own food addictions. Sure, this can be beneficial if you crave a variety of fresh vegetables, and who doesn’t crave a juicy peach during the summer or a nice salad at least once a week? However, most Americans, even those with access to fresh food, don’t eat it.

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Simple Techniques to Help Reclaim Your Kitchen


Your kitchen — it’s where your family gathers after a long day of work and school to be together, share a meal. Your kitchen is the warmest (and not to mention most delicious!) part of your home, where you cook your favorite foods for you and your family — sometimes even together. The kitchen — it’s definitely our favorite room in the house!

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4 Delicious Desserts to End a Perfect Thanksgiving


The day of being thankful — and eating as much food as you can — is almost here! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, because we absolutely love all the delicious recipes the holiday brings. Perfect mashed potatoes, garlic and herb roasted turkey, and even slow cooker stuffing — we can’t wait for all of these tasty dishes to be on our plates this Thanksgiving day! Continue reading

Drinks to Mix Up This Fall


Autumn brings so many delicious fruits, perfect to bake in your favorite fall treats. Apples, cranberries, pears, pumpkins — we love them all! But besides baking them into your favorite pies, cakes, and cookies, what else can you do with these delicious flavors? Mix them up in some delicious seasonal drinks! These simple recipes are a must-try this fall — and feature all of these delicious fruits in season!

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Halloween Party Tricks and Treats


The scariest day of the year is coming, which means it’s time to start planning the ultimate Halloween bash! And what’s the best part about Halloween parties? The deliciously spooky food, of course! It’s time to break out the creepiest recipes that are sure to give your big and little guests the best treat of their lives.

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The Best Produce to Buy During the Fall


It’s finally that time of year — fall! The time for juicy corn and sweet watermelon is over, but that doesn’t mean that fall doesn’t bring delicious produce that you’ll enjoy just as much. The fall season welcomes red delicious apples, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes! Buy the following produce before the end of the season, and be sure to try out the following delicious recipes!

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Our Favorite Autumn Soups and Stews


The season is shifting to cooler weather, and you know what that means — autumn is finally here! It’s time to bring back all of the autumn foods you love — including pumpkin, squash, and stew! Cooler weather pairs perfectly with warm meals. Who doesn’t love to cozy up with a hot bowl of soup on a cool fall evening?

Get into the fall spirit by making delicious soups for fall ahead of time — and then freeze them! Freeze soups? It’s possible — especially with these delicious soup and stew recipes that’ll keep you warm all season long!

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Easy One-Pot Weekday Meals


With busy school and work schedules, there’s barely any time to get things done during the week, let alone cook healthy and delicious meals every evening. Who has the time or energy to cook a full meal on a Monday night and then clean up the aftermath of dirty pots and dishes? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cook a delicious, healthy meal every night and only use a single pot? Fear not — it is possible! These easy one-pot recipes will make upcoming weekday nights the best and most delicious you’ve ever had!

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Meal Planning 101: How to Use Your Freezer


Your fridge is the heart of your kitchen, keeping it alive with all sorts of delicious foods. And opening those fridge doors to see food piled upon food can feel like heaven (unless you forgot to go grocery shopping again, oops!).

And then there’s that other door that perhaps you haven’t explored quite enough: the freezer. The freezer is sacred, preserving your food for long periods of time, while still keeping it fresh. Of course, there’s an art to freezing food, and not everybody knows the true secrets of how to use the freezer. Here, we’ll give you the rundown of just how to use your freezer to it’s fullest potential.

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